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The Central View Q2 2019
The Central View Q2 2019
Join us for a look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
Ask a Trust Officer – I Have a Will, Why Do I Need A Trust?
Having a will doesn't always mean you can avoid probate, but having a trust can be beneficial in avoiding it.
ATO 401(k) Protection Plans
Ask a Trust Officer – 401(k) Protection Programs
The success of your retirement depends largely on what you do with the money in your qualified retirement plan.
Building Tax Free Wealth
Building Tax-Free Wealth With Tax Reform and Down Markets
Long-term investors could benefit from the stock market pullback and changes to the tax code to build significant tax-free wealth.
How to Survive Tax Season
Surviving Tax Season
In this edition of "Ask a Trust Officer," Jill Dobbs, CFP® explains how getting organized now can save you a lot of time and stress as tax season officially kicks off.
Tax Form
2018 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations
Sweeping changes made by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act to individual, business, and trust & estate tax law require careful consideration and planning to avoid surprises at tax time.
Retirement Couple in Car
IRS Announces 2019 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
Covers cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for tax year 2019.
Teaching Money Management Skills to Children
Teaching Money Management Skills and Financial Literacy to Your Children
Regardless of the age of your children, the first step in educating them about finances is communicating what money means to you.
Family Business Succession
Family Business Succession: Surviving the Transition
It's important to be prepared if you want your family business to survive the passing of generations.
Time for a Family Meeting
Time for a Family Meeting
Although it has often been regarded as an unspeakable topic, it is important to talk to your family, especially your adult children, about finances before you are gone.
Financial Planning Services
Financial Planning Services: A Conversation with John Sastry, CFP®
Your financial goals are unique, and how you achieve them is just as unique.
The Why of my Inheritance
The “Why” of my Inheritance
What you leave behind for your family and friends to treasure is important. However, the reason behind the heirloom may be even more important.
Backup digital lifestyle
A Backup for Your Digital Lifestyle

By Gloria Johnson, Trust Administrator  In a desire to eliminate paper clutter, do you have…

Elder Abuse
Elder Abuse: Recognizing and Preventing This Growing Trend

By Maria Stockton, Assistant Vice President & Relationship Manager  According to the United Nations, by…

I Have a Will Why Do I Need a Trust
I Have a Will, Why do I Need a Trust?

By Jill Dobbs, CFP® - Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor Many people often ask, “I…

An Update to the Current State of the Market
An Update on the Current State of the Market

By Greg Berg, CFA, CAIA - Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager After an…

Retirement Couple in Car
IRS Announces 2018 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service announced on October 19, 2017 cost of living adjustments affecting dollar…

Vacation Homes
Estate Planning for Vacation Homes

By Peter Harris, CFP® - Vice President & Portfolio Manager   As the fall arrives,…

Planning for Digital Estates
What’s The Password Again? Planning for Digital Estates

One important new aspect of estate planning concerns “digital assets,” a form of property that…

Debt After Death
Debt After Death: Don’t Fear the Reaper

By J. Bryan Allee, J.D. - Vice President & Relationship Manager   According to a…

Revocable Trusts Still Relevant
Revocable Trusts Are Still Relevant

By Trenny Garrett, J.D. - Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager   Since the estate…

Should You Use Retirement For College
Should You Use Your Retirement Savings to Pay for College?

By Justin Setser, CFP®, Assistant Vice President & Relationship Manager My wife and I were…

Communicating With Your Grandchildren
Communicating With Your Grandchildren

By Jill Dobbs, CFP®, Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor Communicating with your grandchildren can…

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