In today’s economy, cultural, and socio-economic issues have given the consumer and individual investor a voice in corporate boardrooms. Large mutual fund managers and pension funds are taking their clients’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns and demanding implementation of better corporate practices. In the modern world, well-run companies that manage ESG risks have a better chance at securing financing to fund future growth.


Control carbon emissions, preserve natural resources, biodiversity and land use, packaging and waste management, product carbon footprint.


Human rights, product safety and liability, labor standards, chemical safety, data privacy, supply chain management.


Business ethics, corruption, financial transparency, board diversity and oversight, anti-competitive practices.

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78% of individuals worldwide say they want investments to align with personal values.

72% say they want their investments to do social good.

88% of ESG-focused companies show better operating performance and cash flow.

9 out of 11 sectors show stocks with higher ESG scores have lower earnings volatility.

  • Investments aligned with your social views without sacrificing returns.
  • Corporate revenue growth and competitive advantages.
  • Increased efficiency, accountability, and profitability.
  • Bonds that strengthen families and communities.


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