Making Sure That You Are Always The Priority.

Our Mission

By adhering to the Fiduciary Standard and by eliminating conflicts of interest, Central Trust Company delivers best in class wealth management solutions tailored to your unique individual needs.

Our Difference Feature

What Sets Us Apart

With a comprehensive and disciplined approach to financial and estate planning and investment management, we always strive to tailor a long-term plan to fit your needs. Because, when it comes to what matters the most, we’re there for you every step of the way.


It’s important to work with a team that is transparent and that always puts your needs first. Learn more below about what you can expect from your team at Central Trust Company.


We Are A Fiduciary

Central Trust Company is a fiduciary, meaning we act in your best interest, always. We are legally obligated and ethically bound to provide wealth management advice without conflicts of interest. Our clients know that our recommendations are made because it’s the right thing for them, not because we receive some type of remuneration.


Focused On You

We start constructing your customized plan only after we have a complete understanding of your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and needs.


Objective Advice

We have no proprietary funds or investments, and our interests are aligned with yours through fee-only compensation. We do not receive any remuneration from any securities we recommend.


Local Decision-Making, National Expertise

Because we are locally owned, our decisions are too. We also have access to a multitude of research and investment partners allowing us to provide a wide range of investment options and solutions, but always free from conflicts of interest.


Tax Efficiency

We make decisions based on your long-term goals, including opportunities to lower your tax obligations and increase your ability to reach those goals.


Safe, Secure and Stable

Not only is Central Trust Company a well-capitalized and financially strong company, we are also backed by Central Bancompany, a large and well-capitalized holding company.