Non-Profit Services

Helping Your Organization Make a Bigger Impact.

As a leader of a non-profit organization, we know that making the most impact is what’s important to you. We also know that many times you are working within tight budgets and with limited numbers of staff. So it’s important to have a partner that can help take some of the guesswork out of your organization’s future financial success.

At Central Trust Company, our commitment to customization sets us apart from other non-profit service providers, affording us the opportunity to apply extensive knowledge and experience to navigate issues specific to the needs of your organization. Learn more below about some of the ways we are able to help.

Non-Profit Services

Investment Management

Stretching your dollars and doing the most good is what’s important to you and your organization. Your donors are entrusting you to make the most impact with their donations, and many times that can be achieved through a customized investment plan that is tailored to your unique needs, while managing your expenses. At Central Trust Company our interests are aligned with yours and we work to provide low-cost investment solutions with no up-front or back-end sales fees. We also understand the need for socially conscious investment options.


As a non-profit leader, it is always important to think about your organization’s future. Endowment accounts are a great way to make sure there will be funds to continue your organization’s work for many years to come. These investment accounts are designed for long-term growth of your organization’s core fund, while allowing for operational costs to be funded from the interest earned on the principal.

Cash Flow

You know that donations, grants, and other sources of funding come in at different times of the year. So, it’s important to make sure your organization’s cash flow can support its expenses as they are incurred. Our team can work with your organization on cash flow projections to make sure you won’t be caught by any surprises.

Family Foundations

One of the many ways to leave your legacy is through a managed family foundation. Typically, people choose to establish a private charitable foundation during their life or at death. The donor can designate the charitable organization or types of organizations to which he or she would like donations to be made. As the manager of your family foundation, Central Trust Company will serve in a fiduciary capacity, handling the on-going investments and operational aspects of the foundation such as grant solicitation, vetting of grant applications, fund disbursement, and accountability of distributions.


OUR FOUNDATIONS | Below are Examples of Family Foundations Managed by Central Trust Company

Children Reading

The Stanley and Elaine Ball Foundation

The Stanley and Elaine Ball Foundation is one of the family foundations managed by Central Trust Company.  It was the wish of Stanley Ball for the foundation to enhance educational opportunities and provide support to disadvantaged children. Each year this family foundation does so by supporting non-profits in Greene, Christian, Stone and Taney Counties that meet these criteria.

Sedora Foundation

The Sedora Foundation

The Sedora Foundation is another family foundation managed by Central Trust Company.  It was the wish of Stephen and Helen Sedora for the foundation to to provide unrestricted funding opportunities to Ozarks non-profits so that they could have the most community impact.