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Do Your Need To Revisit Your Estate Plan?
Is it Time to Revisit Your Estate Plan?
When was the last time you reviewed your estate plan? If you haven’t reviewed your plan since the day you originally signed documents at your attorney’s office, you’re not alone.
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Estate Planning For Digital Assets_Graphic
Estate Planning for Digital Assets
In today’s digital world, almost everyone has online accounts. Have you thought about what will happen to these assets when you're gone?
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Planning For RMDs Desk Set Up
Planning for RMDs in 2021
Amid a great deal of uncertainty in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves once again navigating uncertain waters as it relates to tax planning for tax year 2021.
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Children And Inheritance
Talking to Children About Inheritance
You’ve worked hard to accumulate an estate that you hope to pass onto your children, but have you talked to them about it?
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Tax Season Checklist_Thumbnail
2021 Tax Season Checklist
To prepare for tax filing season, there are several things you should take into consideration.
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Couple Reviewing Finances
Uncertainty vs. Certainty of Death and Taxes
When uncertainty is all around, proactive steps you take help mitigate your personal financial risk and the uncertainties of life and the certainty of death and taxes.
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Desktop Calendar 2020
2020: The World Reshaped
From millions of jobs lost, political division, civil unrest, and market swings, to remote work and school. These events have reshaped our world.
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Tax Banner

By Kristin Carter, CPA – Vice President, Tax Officer As this challenging and unprecedented year…

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Do You Need A Financial Plan
Do You Need a Second Opinion?
Navigating the financial industry can be daunting. More so for someone that may not have experience in the industry or be aware of the multiple service delivery models that are available.
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Ball Foundation 2020_Graphic
Ball Foundation Awards 2020 Grant Recipients
The Stanley & Elaine Ball Foundation, managed by Central Trust Company, is happy to announce the 2020 local, non-profit grant recipients.
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Variable Annuities Graphic
Variable Annuities: How Do They Work and What Do They Cost?
Variable annuities can be difficult for clients, and even some financial professionals, to fully understand.
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Advisor Shaking Hand
Questions to Ask Your Advisor
With so many changes in the financial markets, it’s a good time to evaluate your investments.
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