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Central Trust Company is one of the leading providers of asset management services in Missouri, with offices in Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Lake Ozark, Springfield and St. Louis. We recently added Central Bank of the Midwest Trust Department in Lawrence, Kansas as an affiliate. Central Trust Company manages client assets of more than $6 billion, and our staff includes portfolio managers, attorneys, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals (CFP®), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

2016    Dogwood Emblem

Central Trust Company signed an agreement to provide trust services to clients of West Plains Bank and Trust Company, expanding our reach further into Southern Missouri. This combination allows Central Trust Company to provide expanded services and products to clients.

2009    Dogwood Emblem

We acquired Springfield Trust Company to strengthen our footprint in Southwest Missouri.

2008    Dogwood Emblem

Central Trust added trust and investment management services at Metcalf Bank in Overland Park (now Central Bank of the Midwest).

2007    Dogwood Emblem

Central Bancompany formed Central Trust Company by combining the trust and investment management functions of four affiliates: Guaranty Trust Company in St. Louis, Boone County National Bank, Central Bank and Empire Bank.

1991    Dogwood Emblem

Springfield Trust Company forms in Springfield, Missouri.

1985    Dogwood Emblem

First National Bank, later renamed Metcalf Bank, was established in Kansas City.

1974    Dogwood Emblem

Boone County National Bank joined Central Bancompany.

1970    Dogwood Emblem

Central Missouri Trust Company/Central Bank grew into a corporation, becoming known as Central Bancompany which now operates 13 affiliate banks throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma.

1956    Dogwood Emblem

Empire Bank was formed in Springfield, Missouri.

1948    Dogwood Emblem

Guaranty Trust Company of Missouri formed in St. Louis, Missouri.

1916    Dogwood Emblem

President Sam Cook moved Central Missouri Trust Company to a seven-story building at the corner of Madison and High Street, making it “the first skyscraper” in Jefferson City.

1902    Dogwood Emblem

Central Missouri Trust Company, later renamed Central Bank, was formed in 1902 in Jefferson City, Missouri by former Governor Lon Stephens.

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