Always Acting In Your Best Interest.

Central Trust Company was founded upon one defining principle: to always act in your best interest. As a wealth management firm adhering to the Fiduciary Standard, we are legally obligated and ethically bound to provide wealth management advice without conflicts of interest. Our clients know that our recommendations are made because it’s the right thing for them, not because we receive some type of remuneration. When it comes to managing your money, be sure to choose someone you can trust.

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When an investment firm, financial advisor or broker receives any type of compensation or remuneration from an investment product they recommend, they are conflicted.  Behavior is driven by compensation and often that behavior is not in the best interest of the client or their financial well-being.

At Central Trust Company, we adhere to the Fiduciary Standard which requires that we act solely in our clients’ interests; eliminating all conflicts of interest.  We do not receive commissions, loads, shareholder services fees or other remuneration from the investment solutions that we recommend.

This best practice, our adherence to the Fiduciary Standard, stands in stark contrast to many of our competitors.

Selecting a financial fiduciary should provide a client with ease and peace of mind, knowing that the wealth professionals managing their assets make decisions only in their best interest.

We recommend that investment clients require, in writing, that the firm and/or financial advisor managing their assets adheres to the Fiduciary Standard.