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Each month our investment team develops an outlook based on changes in the markets and economic environment, as well as the events that have taken place the prior month. To stay up-to-date on the current state of the market and investment information, download our latest Monthly Investment Outlook by clicking the link below.

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MARKET SNAPSHOT | A Quick Look at Last Week’s Market Activity

ESG PORTFOLIOS | Investing in the Future

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) portfolios align with your social views without sacrificing returns. In the modern world, well-run companies that manage ESG risks have a better chance at securing financing to fund future growth.

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RECENT INVESTMENT INSIGHTS | Our Thoughts on the Markets and Portfolio Implications

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Protected: Market Memo | May 09, 2023

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CTC_Social Graphic_Depressed Assets
When Depressed Asset Values Create Planning Opportunities
Depressed asset values are often a source of frustration and worry for investors. However, with those concerns often come opportunities to achieve long-term planning objectives.
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Recession_Graphic 2022
Are We Heading into a Recession, or Not?
Are we there yet? Oh, the familiar refrain that many parents endure this time of year while traveling. It is by now the familiar refrain that economists and investors are enduring daily.
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CV Q2 2022
The Central View Q2 2022
Each quarter, our investment team provides details on the market and economy, bringing you the latest insights in an easy to follow video.
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Cryptocurrency: Fad or Future?
There has been a lot of discussion over the past several years regarding cryptocurrency. If you feel like the whole idea of cryptocurrency is hard to understand, you are not alone.
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The Impact of Inflation on Your Cash and Investments
Many of us understand and recognize inflation. What we don’t know is how high it will go or how long it will last.
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Risk Tolerance_Graphic
Risk Tolerance: Choosing Between “Eating Well” or “Sleeping Well”
Investing is, and will always be, a balancing act between “eating well" and "sleeping well”.
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Central View Q3 2021
The Central View Q3 2021

by Greg Berg, CFA, CAIA, MBA, Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager INVESTMENT OUTLOOK Global…

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The Central View Q1 2021 Thumbnail
The Central View Q1 2021
Join our investment team for a look at our insights into the markets and the economy for the first quarter of 2021.
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Desktop Calendar 2020
2020: The World Reshaped
From millions of jobs lost, political division, civil unrest, and market swings, to remote work and school. These events have reshaped our world.
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Do You Need A Financial Plan
Do You Need a Second Opinion?
Navigating the financial industry can be daunting. More so for someone that may not have experience in the industry or be aware of the multiple service delivery models that are available.
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Variable Annuities Graphic
Variable Annuities: How Do They Work and What Do They Cost?
Variable annuities can be difficult for clients, and even some financial professionals, to fully understand.
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Advisor Shaking Hand
Questions to Ask Your Advisor
With so many changes in the financial markets, it’s a good time to evaluate your investments.
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The Central View Q3 2020_Thumbnail
The Central View Q3 2020
In the latest edition of The Central View, our investment team dives into their thoughts on the economy, valuations, the upcoming election and our portfolio positioning as we navigate through Q3 2020.
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CVQ2_Title Page
The Central View Q2 2020
Join our investment team for look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
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The Central View_Q1 2020_Graphic
The Central View Q1 2020
Join our investment team for a look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
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Photo Of Lottery Winners
Managing Newly Acquired Wealth
While your chance of winning the lottery is extremely small, the challenges associated with managing a large influx of money are actually quite common.
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CV_Q4_Cover Image
The Central View Q4 2019
Join our investment team for a look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
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Financial Growth, Plant On Pile Coins With Cityscape Background
Investing in the Modern World
Wealth will soon be passed on to the next generation. With wealth and the management of that wealth in transition, so are the drivers behind investment decisions.
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Business Growth, Progress Or Success Concept. Businessman Is Drawing A Growing Virtual Hologram Stock Bar Chart On Dark Blue Background.
The Implication of “Lower for Longer” Interest Rates
The Federal Reserve has reduced interest rates three times this year. So, what are the implications for low and even negative interest rates, globally and domestically?
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Are You An Emotional Investor
Are You An Emotional Investor?
Market volatility can lead some investors to make quick decisions that can ultimately harm their long-term investing goals. It's important to know if you are investing with your emotions or remaining objective.
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The Central View Q3 2019
The Central View Q3 2019
Join our investment team for a look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
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The Central View Q2 2019
Join us for a look at this quarter's insights into the markets and the economy.
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Building Tax-Free Wealth
Building Tax-Free Wealth With Tax Reform and Down Markets
Long-term investors could benefit from the stock market pullback and changes to the tax code to build significant tax-free wealth.
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An Update To The Current State Of The Market
An Update on the Current State of the Market

By Greg Berg, CFA, CAIA - Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager After an…

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