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Family Planning
The SECURE Act & Your Estate Plan
The rules regarding withdrawals from inherited IRAs dramatically changed for IRA beneficiaries with the SECURE Act, passed just before 2020.
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Can a Trust Protect Your Child's Inheritance_Thumbnail
Can a Trust Protect Your Child’s Inheritance?
A common estate plan might provide that upon your death, your assets will be distributed to your children. While that has the benefit of being simple, there can be risks.
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Estate Planning Report
Estate Planning Report – May/June 2021
Our May/June 2021 Estate Planning Report is now available! Included is the feature article "DAF Notes". Also featured are Cases & Rulings and Washington Talk, a discussion of hot topics in the nation's capital.
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Do Your Need to Revisit Your Estate Plan?
Is it Time to Revisit Your Estate Plan?
When was the last time you reviewed your estate plan? If you haven’t reviewed your plan since the day you originally signed documents at your attorney’s office, you’re not alone.
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Estate Planning for Digital Assets_Graphic
Estate Planning for Digital Assets
In today’s digital world, almost everyone has online accounts. Have you thought about what will happen to these assets when you're gone?
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Children and Inheritance
Talking to Children About Inheritance
You’ve worked hard to accumulate an estate that you hope to pass onto your children, but have you talked to them about it?
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Desktop calendar 2020
2020: The World Reshaped
From millions of jobs lost, political division, civil unrest, and market swings, to remote work and school. These events have reshaped our world.
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Elderly Couple
SECURE Act: New Challenges & Planning Opportunities
The SECURE Act was intended to expand opportunities for taxpayers to save for retirement and to simplify administration for retirement accounts. It has resulted in unique challenges and planning opportunities in the estate planning arena.
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Positive old couple meeting with their insurance agent
Trust Services Beyond the Investment Realm
What’s unique about working with Central Trust Company is that we can advise you about our many service offerings outside of just the investment realm.
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Family Business Succession
Family Business Succession: Surviving the Transition
It's important to be prepared if you want your family business to survive the passing of generations.
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Time for a Family Meeting
Time for a Family Meeting
Although it has often been regarded as an unspeakable topic, it is important to talk to your family, especially your adult children, about finances before you are gone.
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The Why of my Inheritance
The “Why” of my Inheritance
What you leave behind for your family and friends to treasure is important. However, the reason behind the heirloom may be even more important.
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Backup digital lifestyle
A Backup for Your Digital Lifestyle

By Gloria Johnson, Trust Administrator  In a desire to eliminate paper clutter, do you have…

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I Have a Will Why Do I Need a Trust
I Have a Will, Why do I Need a Trust?

By Jill Dobbs, CFP® - Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor Many people often ask, “I…

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Vacation Homes
Estate Planning for Vacation Homes

By Peter Harris, CFP® - Vice President & Portfolio Manager   As the fall arrives,…

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Planning for Digital Estates
What’s The Password Again? Planning for Digital Estates

One important new aspect of estate planning concerns “digital assets,” a form of property that…

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Debt After Death
Debt After Death: Don’t Fear the Reaper

By J. Bryan Allee, J.D. - Vice President & Relationship Manager   According to a…

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Revocable Trusts Still Relevant
Revocable Trusts Are Still Relevant

By Trenny Garrett, J.D. - Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager   Since the estate…

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Communicating With Your Grandchildren
Communicating With Your Grandchildren

By Jill Dobbs, CFP®, Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor Communicating with your grandchildren can…

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